2014 Annual Conference Presentations

If available, presentations from the CEAM 2014 Annual Conference are posted below.

1. CEAM 2014 Annual Conference brochure
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2. Social Media Presentation
Moderator: Kevin Bittner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Jacqueline Larson, City of Minnetonka; Jessica Wiens, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Laura Kushner, League of Minnesota Cities

Session summary: Social media is here to stay, and it’s likely your residents are already on Twitter or Facebook or Vine talking about your projects. Be part of the conversation by establishing social media accounts for engineering projects! Social media won’t replace what you’re already doing, but it provides one more creative way to engage with and, ideally, garner support for projects that affect the daily lives of your residents.
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3. Scholarship Winners Recognition / CEAM Engineer of the Year Award / CEAM Project of the Year Award
Moderator: Steve Bot, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee; City of St. Michael
Download presentation: Scholarship Recipients & Engineer of the Year (pdf)
Download presentation: Project of the Year Award, Brainerd (pdf)
Download presentation: Honorable Mention Project of the Year, Duluth (pdf)
Download presentation: Honorable Mention Project of the Year Award, Fergus Falls (pdf)

4. LED Roadway Lighting: Experiences, Designs, Operations & More
Moderator: Kent Exner, City of Hutchinson
Ken Taillon, SEH Inc.; Mark Ziemer,
Barr Engineering

Session summary: A light-emitting diode (LED) has been a lighting source that has existed since the early 1960’s when it first appeared in some electrical components. However, it’s only been in fairly recent years that LED technology has become more fully utilized in aviation, automotive, traffic signal, roadway, facility, advertisement and other lighting applications. During this session, two very qualified lighting engineers will provide an overview of several items related to LED roadway lightning such as equipment selection, controls, luminaire retrofitting, light levels, technology limitations and other considerations. Also, a specific lighting project will be examined from concept development through the design process and, ultimately, into the operation and maintenance experiences relative to an implemented LED system.
Download presentation: Barr (pdf)
Download presentation: SEH (pdf)

5. City of Eagan’s Pond Maintenance Program
Moderator: Russ Matthys, City of Eagan
Eric Macbeth, City of Eagan

Session summary: So you, or others before you, built NURP ponds 20+/- years ago. Fast forward to today and add your SWPPP. Now what? Find out what Eagan staff are experiencing as they address the maintenance of these utilized components of the storm water system, so that you can best comply with your MS4 permit and keep your residents smiling.
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6. Traffic Engineering Toolbox for City Engineers
Moderator: Morgan Dawley, WSB & Associates
Mike Spack, Spack Consulting Group; Marc Culver, City of Roseville

Session summary: City engineers regularly field questions from councilmembers and the general public about traffic; whether it's traffic signals, stop signs, speeding cars or pedestrian crossings. This session will provide some tools for you to reference to find the answer to these questions.
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7. Secrets of an Adventurer
Moderator: John Maczko, City of Saint Paul
Brian O’Malley

Session summary:
We all have a Mt. Everest somewhere in our life. Come explore your passions and experience this fun interactive session that takes you from theory to action.
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8. Local Street Pavement Performance Challenges
Moderator: Klayton Eckles, City of Woodbury
Tony Kutzke, City of Woodbury Principal Engineer; John Garrity, Minnesota Department of Transportation

The City of Woodbury is facing challenges maintaining their system with a large number of streets built between 1980 and 2005. The streets are deteriorating at a faster rate than expected. They will describe what they have tried so far to extend the life and the MnDOT Bituminous engineer will talk about new techniques that look promising to help with these and similar issues.
Download presentation: Department of Transportation (pdf)
Download presentation: Woodbury (pdf)

9. Living Streets: City and Watershed District Success
Moderator: Michael Thompson, City of Maplewood
Cliff Aichinger, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District; Steve Love, City of Maplewood

Session summary: Maplewood and Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District worked to implement a sustainable "Living Streets" approach to a recent neighborhood reconstruction project, which is now the baseline approach. Get insight on how your City can create and implement a successful Living Streets Policy. Hear about Maplewood's homeowner outreach and buy-in process, and lessons learned.
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10. Innovative Intersections: Continuous Flow Intersections (CFIs) and Double Crossover Diamond/Diverging Diamond Interchanges – Operation Data
Moderator: Dave Sonnenberg, Stantec Consulting
Laurence Lambert II, Stantec Consulting; Brian Aldridge, Stantec Consulting

Session summary: Diverging diamond interchanges are only just beginning to be designed in Minnesota, and continuous flow intersections have yet to make an appearance. However, in other parts of the country, they have been constructed and are in operation. This session will present real-world observations and data on how they are operating and issues that have been encountered to provide perspective on potential applications in Minnesota.

11. A Community-University of Minnesota Partnership for Sustainability: The Resilient Communities Project
Moderator: Will Manchester, City of Minnetonka
Mike Greco, University of Minnesota; Jeff Thomson, City of Minnetonka; Paul Ammerman, City of North St. Paul

Session summary: The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) is an innovative community–university partnership to advance sustainability at the local level. Each year, RCP works with one city partner to facilitate course-based projects that meet community-identified sustainability needs. This session will highlight several projects from RCP’s partnerships with the cities of Minnetonka and North St. Paul, which matched more than 40 University of Minnesota courses with projects ranging from storm water management to living streets.
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12. Roundabouts: An Update on the Local Operational Experience
Moderator: Jim Studenski, TKDA
Joe Gustafson, Washington County; Jennifer Levitt, City of Cottage Grove; Reid Wronski, City of River Falls

Session summary: Roundabouts are sweeping Minnesota! How are the operations and maintenance of these new intersections impacting us? Learn from the people who manage these circular endeavors. We will address pavement markings, signage, lighting, snow removal, truck traffic, visibility, pedestrians, accidents, and sustainability. You will come away knowing exactly what roundabout is right for your community.
Download presentation: Cottage Grove (pdf)
Download presentation: River Falls (pdf)
Download presentation
: Washington County (pdf)

13. Impacts of North Dakota Oil Boom on Transportation Infrastructure
Moderator: Steve Klein, Barr Engineering
Jack Olson, North Dakota Department of Transportation

Session summary: The North Dakota oil boom has presented numerous issues for transportation infrastructure primarily in North Dakota; but it has also had rippling impacts on its neighboring states. In this session Jack Olson will describe what NDDOT has developed to understand and calculate the impacts of oil shale development traffic. In particular, the presentation will cover a general overview of the oil industry, projection of oil well development over the next 20 years, composition and volume of traffic on roads and rail, impacts on flexible and rigid pavements, impact on AADT/TAADT, and how North Dakota is using the information for future planning initiatives.

14. The New MS4 Permit: What You Need to Know
Moderator: Michael Thompson, City of Maplewood
Randy Neprash, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition/Stantec; Bryan Gruidl, City of Bloomington

Session summary: Hear about important new provisions in the reissued MS4 permit which became effective August 2013. How does the new permit differ from the old? Hear both the positives and the negatives. Learn how your city may need to adjust and what that could mean financially.
Download presentation: Bloomington (pdf)
Download presentation: MN Cities Stormwater Coalition (pdf)

15. Engineers without Borders
Moderator: Dan Faulkner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Dana Draper, Bolton & Menk; Chris Cavett, SEH, Inc.; Samantha Meyer, University of Minnesota; Jesse Kasim, University of Minnesota; Mark Ryan, Barr Engineering

Session summary: Since its incorporation in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, Engineers Without Borders-USA has completed over 350 projects in over 45 developing countries changing the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Hear about the stories of student chapter and professional members, and learn how CEAM can become involved with this program.
Download presentation: EWB-MN Chapter (pdf)
Download presentation: Bolton-Menk & SEH (pdf)
Download presentation: University of Minnesota (pdf)

16. LRRB Update Jeopardy Style
Moderator: Jeff Hulsether, City of Brainerd
Mike Marti, SRF Consulting; Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting; Farideh Amiri, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Session summary: How familiar are you with the LRRB/RIC’s research projects? Join in and test your knowledge, Jeopardy style!
Download presentation (pdf)

17. Groundwater Management, Water Supply Trends, Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR),
 and Drought Planning
Moderator: Steve Klein, Barr Engineering
Ali Elhassan, Met Council; John Greer, Barr Engineering; Chris Larson, SEH, Inc.; Michael McDonald, Department of Natural Resources

Session summary: In much of Minnesota, groundwater is the source of the municipal water systems. The amount of water an aquifer can sustainably produce is limited by the recharge to the aquifer. Future groundwater, as well as surface water, availability may be affected by periods of prolonged drought or increasing demand due to growing populations which could result in adverse impacts. This session will address regulatory agency initiatives, groundwater sustainability, diversification of water supplies, and the use of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) to augment water supplies. 
Download presentation: Metropolitan Council (pdf)
Download presentation: Barr Engineering (pdf)
Download presentation: Department of Natural Resources (pdf)
Download presentation: Department of Natural Resources (pdf)
Download presentation: SEH (pdf)

18. CEAM Standard Specifications Revisions
Moderator: John Gorder, City of Eagan
Paul Hornby, WSB & Associates, Inc.

Session summary: While the 1999 version of the CEAM Standard Specifications has served its function well, it’s time to move them forward into the 21st century. Paul Hornby reviews the membership input process and highlights some of the specification revisions and updates.
Download presentation (pdf)

19. Legal Issues for Public Infrastructure Projects
Moderator: Jack Griffin, FOCUS Engineering, Inc.
Jeff Coleman, Coleman Law Firm, LLC

Session summary: Mr. Jeffrey Coleman will return again this year to address legal issues facing city and civil engineers in our day to day work on public infrastructure projects. Mr. Coleman is both a trial attorney specializing in the construction industry and a registered professional engineer.
Download presentation (pdf)

20. Legislative Update
Moderator: Dave Sonnenberg, Stantec Consulting
Anne Finn, League of Minnesota Cities; Margaret Donahoe, Transportation Alliance; Todd Olson, Metro Cities

Session summary: Our legislative panel will provide insight into the legislative issues that affect city engineers, predict what we might expect during the 2014 session, and discuss how we can be most effective in influencing legislation.

21. Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner’s Update
Moderator: Steve Bot,Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of St. Michael
Sue Mulvihill, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Session summary: Charlie Zelle has been MnDOT’s Commissioner for one year. Hear him describe what he has learned about the transportation partners in Minnesota over the past year and how we can work together on the campaign to educate the citizens of the state on the value of transportation to the economy and their quality of life.

22. Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid Engineer’s Update
Moderator: Steve Bot,Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of St. Michael
Julie Skallman,
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Download presentation (pdf)

23. Minnesota Department of Transportation Potpourri
Moderator: Julie Skallman, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Session summary: A collection of hot topics that are of interest to city engineers. Hear short updates on several items and leave the session knowing who to contact for more information on items that are of particular interest.
Download presentation (pdf)

  • NSTF, Rick Kjonaas, MnDOT
  • Audit Findings 2013, Merry Daher, MnDOT
  • TBD, Derrell Turner, FHWA
  • SALT Website Redesign, Gary Reihl, MNDOT
  • Quick Hits, Mel Odens, MnDOT

24. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner’s Update
Moderator: Steve Bot,Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of St. Michael
John Linc Stine, Commissioner, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Download presentation (pdf)

25. Minnesota DNR Update
Moderator: Steve Bot,Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of St. Michael
Steve Hirsch
, Ecological & Water Resources Division Direction, DNR