2017 Annual Conference Presentations
The City Engineers Association of Minnesota held the 2017 Annual Conference, January 25-27, 2017, at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park. The conference offered a terrific opportunity for you to stay informed on current topics of interest and to maintain continuing education. But just as important, it provided an excellent forum for the best social networking of all -- the face-to-face connection with your peers and colleagues.
(The CEAM 2018 Annual Conference will be held January 24-26 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park.)

If available, presentations from the CEAM 2017 Annual Conference are posted below.

1. Download the CEAM 2017 Conference Brochure (pdf)

2. Scholarship Recipients, City Engineer of the Year Award & Project of the Year Award
Moderator: Marc Culver, CEAM Vice President, City of Roseville
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3. Diversify Your Local Revenues with Franchise Fees
Moderator: Michael Thompson, City of Maplewood
Justin Femrite, City of Elk River; Shelly Hanson (Pederson), City of Bloomington; Chad Millner, City of Edina
Session summary: Collection of franchise fees through the gas and/or electric utility is statutorily authorized and provides cities with a consistent and reliable revenue stream. Believe it or not, these revenues can be used for any public purpose.
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4. Roadway Safety Issues
Moderator: Matt Hansen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Jon Jackels, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.; Mark Vizecky, Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid
Session summary: Planning for and maintaining safe roadways in your community is an area that needs daily attention by you and your staff. In addition to a discussion of the recent City Risk Assessment Pilot Program in Eagan and St. Paul, our panel will discuss construction zone techniques to provide for accessible pedestrian facilities as well as guidance to Temporary Traffic Control in urban and rural conditions.
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5. Electronic Plan Review
Moderator: Mike Kuno, Sambatek
Jen Desrude and Londell Pease, City of Bloomington
Session summary: For the past two years, Bloomington has been in the process of selecting an electronic plan review software system and implementing it. Senior City Planner Londell Pease and Civil Engineer/Development Coordinator Jen Desrude will describe Bloomington's development review process, software selection process, and implementation process.
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6. The Contractor Viewpoint: What Contractors Would Like Engineers to Know
Moderator: Russ Matthys, City of Eagan
Bart Anderson, US SiteWork, Inc.; Greg Norris, Veit
Session summary: The construction world is busy and fast-paced. With the speed in which we move there can be a loss of communication and naturally; a loss of perspective. Our speakers, both veterans in the industry, will share a contractor’s point of view of how to bridge the communication and efficiency gap that exists between contractor and engineer to improve work flow. Topics include: specifications, impact of tolerances, safety factors, and more.
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7. Retrofitting and Maintenance of Stormwater Treatment Ponds and Traditional Flood Detention Basins for Improved Water Quality and Reuse
Moderator: Steven Klein, Barr Engineering Company
Bill Alms and Hubmer, WSB & Associates, Inc.; Candice Kantor and Steven Klein, Barr Engineering Company
Session summary: This session will describe ways to maintain and modify existing stormwater treatment basins and traditional flood control basins for improving water quality or reusing stormwater for other purposes.
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8. ADA Challenges and Solutions in Design and Construction
Moderator: Matt Hansen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Julie Dresel, Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid; Jeff Oliver, City of Golden Valley; Sonja Piper, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Sue Zarling, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Session summary: ADA requirements seem to be always changing, which can present challenges for design and construction. This expert panel will present guidance to maximize the likelihood that what is constructed actually meets ADA standards.
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9. Funding Projects with Available State Programs
Moderator: Kevin Bittner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Bill Dunn, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Becky Sabie, Public Facilities Authority; Brad Wozney, Board of Water and Soil Resources
Session summary: We’ve all said it. We’re all living it. Too many needs and not enough funding. One of the great challenges for city leaders, their staffs and their consultants is to locate and secure funding for their needed capital improvements.
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10. Expect the Unexpected: Contamination at Public Infrastructure Projects
Moderator: Matt Hansen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Jake Dalbec, American Engineering Testing; Jackie Dylla, Braun Intertec; Dan Fetter, Barr Engineering Company; Kate Kleiter, Westwood
Session summary: Contaminated soil and unexpected debris are encountered at many construction sites. This session will help you better evaluate the likelihood of encountering contamination during your project and present ways to manage environmental contingencies when they arise, we will discuss MPCA programs and other resources available to evaluate and address contamination to achieve project success, and provide case examples.
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11. Ethics
Moderator: Marc Culver, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of Roseville
Chad Weinstein, Ethical Leaders in Action
Session summary: Professional ethics goes beyond mere compliance with basic norms. City engineers are called on to solve problems, address the needs of multiple stakeholders, uphold policy, and protect the public interest.
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12. The Resilient Communities Project: Advancing Sustainable Design Solutions and Community-Engaged Learning
Moderator: Morgan Dawley, WSB & Associates
Andy Brotzler, WSB & Associates; Mike Greco, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota; John Gulliver, University of Minnesota; Paul Moline, Carver County; Tyler Olsen, University of Minnesota
Session summary: The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) is an award-winning, cross-disciplinary program at the University of Minnesota that supports one-year partnerships between the University and communities in Minnesota to advance local sustainability and resilience.
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13. Adapting to climate change: What changes are expected? 
How will it impact my city? And how should we prepare?
Moderator: Will Manchester, City of Minnetonka
Kenny Blumenfeld, State Climatology Office; Janna Kieffer, Barr Engineering Company
Session summary: Changes are occurring in our Minnesota climate, but what it means to individual communities will vary. Senior Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld from the State Climatology Office, will share insight into the latest data on climate change impacts in Minnesota and what we can expect in the next 10+ years.
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14. Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner’s Update
Moderator: Ted Schoenecker, Deputy State Aid Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Charlie A. Zelle, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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15. Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid Engineer’s Update
Mitch Rasmussen, Assistant Commissioner for State Aid, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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