2012 Annual Conference Presentations

If available, presentations from the CEAM 2012 Annual Conference are posted below.

CEAM 2012 Annual Conference Brochure
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1. LRRB: Porous Pavement -- How Is It Working?
Matt Hansen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.; Mark Maloney, Shoreview; Scott Anderson and Steve Segar, Bloomington

Session summary:Porous pavements have been used in Shoreview and Bloomington; two years later, learn about this innovation, its history, construction, and observations about their performance.
Pervious Concrete Pavement as Public Infrastructure (pdf)
Bloomington's Experiences with Pervious Bituminous and Concrete Parking Lots (pdf) 

2. Stormwater: TMDL Implementation
Bob Moberg, Plymouth; Kristin Asher, Richfield; Clifton Aichinger, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed; Greg Wilson, Barr Engineering and Bassett Creek Water Management Commission

Session summary: Panel discussion regarding various TMDL implementation programs and strategies used by cities across the metro area.
TMDL and Lake Water Quality Improvement Implementation Examples (pdf)
Medicine Lake TMDL (pdf) 
Nine Mile Creek WD Chloride TMDL (pdf) 

3. How to Succeed with your Road Diet and Lose a Lane: 4-Lane to 3-Lane Conversions
Tom Mathisen, Crystal; Bob Byers and Eric Drager, Hennepin County; Bryan Nemeth, Bolton & Menk; Monica Beeman, Saint Paul

Session summary: Many jurisdictions around the metro area have reduced the number of traffic lanes as part of their complete streets and traffic calming efforts. Learn about the before and after experiences, including some of the difficulties and challenges with implementation.
A Summary of Experiences with 3-Lane Roadway Conversions (pdf)
36th Avenue Mill and Overlay (pdf) 

4. Minnesota 2050: Tools for Infrastructure Education
Jim Studenski, TKDA; Dan Gage, MacQueen Equipment, Inc.; Patti Craddock, SEH; Tom Eggum, TKDA

Session summary: Learn about MN2050 and its effort to educate the public about the benefits of investing adequately in Minnesota public infrastructure.
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5. Infrastructure Asset Management: You Can't Afford Not to Do It
Russ Matthys, Eagan; Steve Albrecht, Burnsville; Jim Engfer, Stantec

Session summary: Hear about processes and practices to develop and implement an efficient and practical asset management program to meet your needs.
Infrastructure Asset Management (pdf)
A City Perspective (pdf) 

6. The Public Land Survey in Minnesota: Historical Data having Continuing Relevance
Jay Krafthefer, MnDOT

Session summary: Between 1847 and 1908, deputy surveyors employed by the federal government divided the land surface of Minnesota into a hierarchy of rectangles. These surveys allowed individuals, corporations, and the State of Minnesota to acquire title to land from the United States. 
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7. Energy Conservation and Transforming a Typical Street into a "Living Street"
Michael Thompson, Maplewood; Jennifer Lewis, Marplewood Mall; Fred Rozumalski, Barr Engineering

Session summary: Reducing energy costs and becoming a leading steward of the environment is a goal of Maplewood Mall, which was selected as one of 14 commercial buildings for the first-ever national energy efficiency contest sponsored by the EPA. The mall partnered with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to lead a sustainability approach to the mall's exterior, which includes many concepts of living streets.
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8. How Do Cities Get Their Piece of the Pie: Legacy Funds
Steve Klein, Barr Engineering; Steve Woods, Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources; Traci Vibo, Department of Natural Resources; Bill Dunn, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Jeff Freeman, Minnesota Public Facilities Authority 

Session summary: Hear from representatives of the four state agencies in charge of disseminating Leagacy funds through grants and low-interest loans. Learn what projects and activities can benefit from the funds and how cities can apply for them.
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9. Mill and Overlays: Strategies and Solutions for Cities
Rod Rue, Eden Prairie; David Rettner, American Engineering Testing, Inc.; Thomas Wood, Office of Materials and Road Research, MnDOT; Steve Bot, St. Michael

Session summary: Learn about ways to prevent cracking, how to create efficient cost-savings solutions, and review the latest technology and strategies currently used in mill and overlay projects.
Download presentation (pdf) / David Rettner
Download presentation (pdf) / Steve Bot
Download presentation (pdf) / Thomas Wood 

10. ADA Transition Plan: What You Need to Know Now
Marc Culver, Maple Grove; Lynnette Geschwind, MnDOT; Pete Lemke, Hennepin County; Mark Ray and Jeff Oliver, Golden Valley

Session summary: Learn what your agency should have in place to document your agency's intent to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
MnDOT's Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (pdf)
Golden Valley's ADA Transition Plan (pdf)
Hennepin County's Experience: ADA Compliance, Self-Evaluations, Transition Plans and Accessible Infrastructure (pdf) 

11. Local Road Research Board
Jeff Hulsether, Brainerd; Lisa Goddard and Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting, Inc.; Matt Zellar, Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota

Session summary: Learn about two completed projects: Best Practices for Stormwater Management and Pavement Preservation for Recreational Trails. Also hear about local concrete pavement rehabilitation guidelines and a new spec for concrete in local road applications.
Download presentation: Intro (pdf)
Selecting Stormwater BMPs: Identifying the Best Options (pdf)
Local Roads Concrete Flatwork Specifications (pdf)
Maintenance of Recreational Trails (pdf)