2016 Annual Conference Presentations

The City Engineers Association of Minnesota held the 2015 Annual Conference, January 27-29, 2016, at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park. The conference offered a terrific opportunity for you to stay informed on current topics of interest and to maintain continuing education. But just as important, it provided an excellent forum for the best social networking of all -- the face-to-face connection with your peers and colleagues.

If available, presentations from the CEAM 2016 Annual Conference are posted below.

1. CEAM 2016 Annual Conference Brochure
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2. Us Vs. Them
Moderator: Joseph Rhein, Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Jeff Havens, The Jeff Havens Company

Session summary: In this hysterical keynote, you’ll learn a simpler way of looking at your own generational picture, and you’ll also learn how to understand, recognize, and resolve every generational issue facing today’s workforce. 
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3. CEAM Project of the Year Award
Moderator: Jeff Johnson, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee, City of Mankato
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4. Guidelines for Developing and Responding to Effective RFP's and RFQ's
Moderator: Dave Sonnenberg, Stantec Consulting
Jim Grube, Hennepin County Bruce Firkins, Bolton & Menk, Inc.; Steven Klein, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: Panelists from both the public and private sectors discuss when either form of request should be used, essential components and the distribution of the request, effectively responding to a request, and insight as to how proposals are likely to be reviewed by a public agency.
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5. Deficiencies and Remedies of Pavement Stripping
Moderator: Jim Studenski, TKDA Dave Rettner, American Engineering Testing, Inc.
Tony Kutzke, City of Woodbury; Jesse Struve, City of Brooklyn Park

Session summary:  Learn about those problem roads you drive on and maintain in your community. Then hear from community engineering staff on how they are dealing with these issues.
Download presentation: Struve (pdf)
Download presentation: Rettner (pdf)

6. Wastewater Re-Use, Coming to a City Near You!
Moderator: Russ Matthys, City of Eagan Russ Matthys, City of Eagan; Michelle Stockness, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: This presentation discusses how the City of Eagan has been working to develop a water reuse project within the city, as well as a few other Midwestern water reuse projects.
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7. Utilizing GPS and GIS Information in Emergency Operations Planning
Moderator: Deb Heiser, City of Saint Louis Park
Phillip Elkin, City of Saint Louis Park; Joe Waln, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: Learn how two Minnesota cities are using GPS and GIS for emergency response efforts.
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 8. Responding to Citizen Traffic Requests
Moderator: Dan Faulkner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Mike Spack, Spack Consulting; Debra Heiser, City of Saint Louis Park: Amy Marohn, City of Bloomington

Session summary: Learn about tools that the City of Bloomington and St. Louis Park are using to respond to citizen traffic requests, including a step-by-step guide and draft communication documents that staff could use for responses to citizens.
Download presentation: Spack (pdf)
Download presentation: Heiser (pdf)
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9. Stormwater Reuse: CHS Field and Lessons Learned
Moderator: John Maczko, City of Saint Paul
Wes Saunders-Pearce, City of Saint Paul; Sharon Doucette, City of Woodbury

Session summary: This session looks at a dozen different reuse projects, including the St. Paul Saints stadium project that captures rooftop runoff and reuses it for field irrigation and for stadium toilets. Other reuse projects including regional and smaller sites, both public and private systems, are discussed along with lessons learned, cautionary notes, and practical issues to consider.
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10. Asset Management: From Rural to Metro Perspectives
Moderator: Jen Desrude, City of Bloomington
Brad Henry, University of Minnesota; Ruth Hubbard, Minnesota Rural Water Association; Marc Culver, City of Roseville; Russ Matthys, City of Eagan; Carol Kaszynski, City of Bloomington

Session summary: Asset management is a widely discussed topic, particularly after the MN 2050 Asset Management survey from 2015. A diverse panel representing a variety of different sized cities provides their insight on asset management issues identified in the survey, and describes the technology they use for asset management. 
Download presentation: Culver (pdf)
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Download presentation: Hubbard (pdf)
Download presentation: Matthys (pdf)
Download presentation: Kaszynski (pdf)

11. Using GIS to Assess Risk and Prioritize Storm Sewer Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement
Moderator: Will Manchester, City of Minnetonka
Liz Stout, City of Minneapolis; Janna Kieffer, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: Through use of GIS data, a quick and effective method was developed to review the City of Minnetonka's overall system and identify key "risk" locations to be programmed for repairs. This proactive approach, vs reactive, helps reduce emergency repairs and flooding by identifying potential situations much in advance of failures.
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12. Communication in the Public Sector
Moderator: Jen Desrude, City of Bloomington
Gail Plewacki, Minneapolis Public Schools

Session summary: Hear about some key components of communication with the public and the media, including some tips on handling critical situations.
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13. Financial Health of Our Cities
Moderator: Dan Coyle, Kimley-Horn and Associates
Charles L. Marohn, Jr., Strong Towns

Session summary: Hear a practical presentation about the financial health or our cities, including a discussion of the shortages of resources and the struggle to maintain infrastructure. 
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14. Is Economic Development Created by Transportation Investments?
Moderator: Morgan Dawley, WSB & Associates, Inc.
Phil Barnes, WSB & Associates (panel facilitator); Steve Bot, I-94 Coalition and the City of Saint Michael; Jerry Zhao, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; William (Bill) Goins, Minnesota Freight Advisor Committee and Worldwide Account Manager with FedEx Healthcare Services; Kenneth Buckeye, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Lee Munnich, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Session summary:  At a national, state, and local level, we continue to hear about how economic viability is directly related to transportation networks. Learn from research evidence and a Minnesotan case study that creates a link between job creation and adding transportation capacity.
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15. Metro Area Groundwater Sustainability and Response at the Local Level
Moderator: Steve Klein, Barr Engineering Company
Jim Westerman, City of Woodbury; Matthew Metzger, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: This presentation introduces how sustainability engineering thinking, tools, frameworks, and team-building can enhance a project’s triple-bottom-line benefit/cost profile. Learn how the City of Woodbury manages its water budget, and what has been learned from several pilot conservation programs and the possibilities these programs hold for success in water sustainability.
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16. MN 2050/Asset Management
Moderator: Michael Thompson, City of Maplewood
Tom Eggum, MN2050; Jeff Oliver, City of Golden Valley

Session summary: Gain insight on what your peers are utilizing for asset management, and hear about the latest outreach efforts and infrastructure videos.
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17. MnDOT Update
Moderator: Mitch Rasmussen, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Charles A. Zelle, Transportation Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation (Invited)
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18. Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid Engineer’s Update
Mitch Rasmussen, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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19. Metropolitan Council Update
Moderator: Jeff Johnson, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee; City of Mankato
Adam Duininck, Chair, Metropolitan Council
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