2015 Annual Conference Presentations

The City Engineers Association of Minnesota held the 2015 Annual Conference, January 28-30, 2015, at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park. 

The conference offered a terrific opportunity for you to stay informed on current topics of interest and to maintain continuing education. But just as important, it provided an excellent forum for the best social networking of all -- the face-to-face connection with your peers and colleagues.

If available, presentations from the CEAM 2015 Annual Conference are posted below.

1. CEAM 2015 Annual Conference Brochure
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2. Destination Medical Center Update
Moderator: Dan Coyle, Kimley-Horn &Associates, Inc.
Amy Supple, Hammes Company

Session summary: Learn about the State of Minnesota’s largest economic development initiative: Destination Medical Center (DMC). 
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3. Pavement Research and Testing Topics
Moderator: Alan Rindels, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Terry Beaudry, Tom Burnham, and Dave Van Deusen, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Session summary: Learn about: the transition toward the acceptance of nuclear density testing by MnDOT; the latest on colored concrete performance research data with best practices and how to minimize risk of poor performance; and new state-of-the-art DCT (disk shaped compact tension) acceptance tests for bituminous pavements for improved low-temperature cracking performance. 
Download presentation: Beaudry (pdf)
Download presentation: Burnham (pdf)
Download presentation: Van Deusen (pdf)

4. Using Technology to Increase City Engineering Efficiency
Moderator: Jeff Johnson, City of Mankato
Bill Pinnegar, QuestCDN; Tom Girtz, RtVision, Inc.

Session summary: This session will focus on the use of technology in the city engineering world to help increase efficiency. The world of electronic advertising, bidding, and project management is now found its way to cities in an effective, efficient, and cost effective way.
Download presentation: Girtz (pdf)
Download presentation: Pinnegar (pdf)

5. Planning for Multi-Modal Infrastructure
Moderator: Matt Hansen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Carissa Schively Slotterback and Jessica Schoner, University of Minnesota; Bob Byers, Hennepin County

Session summary: The panel discusses changes in travel patterns, how planners and engineers can integrate new transportation practices into community plans, policies, and decision-making process, and the recent bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts in Hennepin County.
Download presentation: Byers (pdf)
Download presentation: Schoner (pdf)
Download presentation: Slotterback (pdf)

6. Trenchless Technologies Buffet
Moderator: Jim Studenski, TKDA
Layne Otteson, City of Fridley; Brad Hammerquist, TKDA; Nick Egger, City of Hastings; Paul Pasko, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.

Session summary: Learn about specific projects and what the cities used from their “buffet” of slip lining, pipe lining, and pipe bursting options to get the project done. Learn about St. Cloud’s 60-inch and 54-inch slip lining with fiberglass reinforced pipe; Hastings watermain lining and sanitary sewer service lining; and Fridley’s evaluation of the different methods and materials available including pipe bursting.
Download presentation: Chalmers (pdf)
Download presentation: Egger (pdf)
Download presentation: Hammmerquist (pdf)
Download presentation: Otteson (pdf)

7. Federal Aid Project Funding and Administration 101
Moderator: Kevin Bittner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Dan Erickson, Metro District State Aid Engineer; Kyle Johnson, Bolton & Menk, Inc

Session summary: You’ve completed dozens of improvement projects involving local and state-aid funding. However, federal-aid funding is a whole other process with its own requirements. 
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8. Mobile Data Collection, Distribution, and Collaboration: From Office to Field
Moderator: Jen Desrude, City of Bloomington
Charlie Wild, City of Bloomington; Tim Plath, City of Eagan; Aaron Mielke, Barr Engineering

Session summary: Three presenters will discuss examples of applications in use by the City of Bloomington, the City of Eagan, and Barr Engineering to make field and office data collection easy to use and available to decision makers in real-time. 
Download presentation: Wild (pdf)
Download presentation: Plath (pdf)
Download presentation: Mielke (pdf)

9. Volume Control and Stormwater Reuse
Moderator: Dan Faulkner, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Dan Edgerton and Mark Statz, Stantec Inc.; Steve Klein, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: This session includes some case studies on how to manage stormwater through volume control, reuse, and water quality treatment. 
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10. LED Roadway Lighting
Moderator: Jeff Johnson, City of Mankato
Landon Bode, City of Mankato; Ken Taillon, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.; Mark Ziemer, Barr Engineering Company

Session summary: This session will briefly review the history of LED development and present its performance capabilities today. It will also provide details regarding two recently installed lighting systems that employ wireless and wired mesh network remote monitoring and control systems.
Download presentation: Bode (pdf)
Download presentation: Taillon (pdf)
Download presentation: Zeimer (pdf)

11. It’s All About Signs: LRRB Research, Resources, and Golden Valley’s Program
Moderator: Alan Rindels, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Howard Preston, CH2M Hill; Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.; Mark Ray, City of Golden Valley

Session summary:  This session answers questions about a range of sign issues; provides the results of LRRB research, discusses the updated Sign Maintenance and Management Manual and the new online training, and includes a presentation on Golden Valley’s sign management program and policy.
Download presentation: Kuehl (pdf)
Download presentation: Preston (pdf)
Download presentation: Ray (pdf)

12. Hot Button HR Issues—Gen Y Talent in Your Organization
Moderator: Dan Coyle, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.
Judy Anderson, Emerging Advantage

Session summary: Join us for a critical session about the strategic impact of Gen Y. 
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13. Sustainable Drinking Water Sources
Moderator: Jay Kennedy, WSB & Associates
Ray Wuolo, Barr Engineering; Andy Brotzler, WSB & Associates; Bryan Bear, City of Hugo

Session summary: Three presenters will provide facts for you to consider as a water provider or professional serving our water industry.
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14. Autonomous Driverless Vehicles
Moderator: Marc Culver, City of Roseville
Tanner Martin, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. and Florida Department of Transportation; Frank Douma, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; Philip Schaffner, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Session summary: This session will explore what the State of Florida is doing to prepare for automated vehicles. Also, hear the local perspective about Minnesota’s experiences and policy challenges.
Download presentation: Douma (pdf)
Download presentation: Martin (pdf)
Download presentation: Schaffner (pdf)

15. Happy Birthday LRRB!
Moderator: Jeff Hulsether, City of Brainerd
Mike Marti and Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.

Session summary: The LRRB has spent the past 55 years supporting and sharing the latest transportation research applications with the state’s city and county engineers.
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16. MN 2050
Moderator: Jim Studenski, TKDA
Tom Eggum, TKDA; Jeff Oliver, City of Golden Valley

Session summary: MN 2050 has been working on ways to educate Minnesota citizens about the importance of investing in public infrastructure since the initiative started in 2009. 
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17. State and Federal Transportation Funding Shortfalls Panel: How Do We Respond to the New Status Quo?
Moderator: Morgan Dawley, WSB & Associates
Eric Davis and Patrick Weidemann, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Margaret Donahoe, Transportation Alliance; Dennis McGrann and Andy Burmeister, Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P.; Steve Bot, City of St. Michael; Scott Mareck, WSB & Associates

Session summary: While the existing transportation system condition and funding gaps have been well documented and continue to be issues that city engineers and officials face regularly, are these gaps the “new normal”? How are MnDOT, counties, and cities doing things differently in response? 
Download presentation: Bot (pdf)
Download presentation: Burmeister (pdf)
Download presentation: Davis (pdf)
Download presentation: Donahoe (pdf)

18. Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner’s Update
Moderator: Ted Schoenecker, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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19. Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid Engineer’s Update
Moderator: Klayton Eckles, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee; City of Woodbury
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20. Minnesota State Demographer
Moderator: Klayton Eckles, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee; City of Woodbury
Susan Brower, Minnesota State Demographer, Minnesota Department of Administration
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21. Minnesota State Economist
Moderator: Klayton Eckles, Vice President and Co-Chair, CEAM Conference Planning Committee; City of Woodbury
Laura Kalambokidis, Minnesota State Economist, and Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota
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